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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Lifestyle | Coffee W/C (4.17)

Hey friends!

Grab some coffee, let's catch up!

Today, I'm doing the "currently tag" that I found on the blog Emma's Grimoire.

Currently I'm:

Making a grocery list and meal plan for this week and next! I'm going to attempt to make my grandma Jane's orange french toast recipe. I'm also making an organization type list for blog posting and scheduling!

Cooking so much soup lately. Soup, crackers and jello because my stomach's been hurting me. I've been trying a lot of the recipes that are in the cookbook my sister made for me for Christmas. Tonight I'm actually cooking her "stuffed french bread" recipe. I'm super excited to see how it turns out!

Drinking iced coffee as always, but this month I've been drinking it black and without coconut milk! I like black coffee, but it's unusual for me to drink black the most often! I've been pretty nauseous lately so I haven't wanted coconut milk. Also, Fred just got me some green tea so I'm excited to start making some iced tea.

Reading Reflections of the Psalms by C.S Lewis. I've already read a lot of this book about two years ago, but I want to read it again and absorb it. I'm still in the same daily devotional book as last month. It's called For Such a Time as This.

Wanting to buy a new concealer because my only tube of concealer is incredibly low. I will run out soon! I'm wanting to make the switch over to more organic, green beauty and body care products when I can and I've found that it's not that easy! A lot of organic products that I would want are a bit out of my price range right now, but I'll keep searching! I'm also wanting to try a new sunless tanner.

Looking at fall outfit inspiration! It might seem a little early, but I plan everything out ahead of time of my blog.

Playing a lot of '90s music. Third Eye Blind all the way haha. '90s music puts me in such a good mood. It takes me back to the simple days!

Wasting my early mornings. I've had a difficult time sleeping lately so I've been getting up later than usual. I can't wait to be on a better sleep schedule!

Wishing for some time by a pool, or on the beach... really just some time to relax and swim! I really wish for a second honeymoon. It would be nice if every couple could have one getaway every year (Haha yeah I know, I'll keep dreamin').

Enjoying coffee & chocolates. I love a little treat time during my day it brings me so much joy.

Waiting to see how I'm going to feel completely off a medicine that I was on for my UC. It's very nerve-wracking to hope for the best, but know how hard it's been in the past.

Watching Gilmore Girls like crazy! Fred always falls asleep before me. So lately, every night before bed I ask Fred to put on Gilmore Girls for me so I can watch a few episodes before I go to sleep. We can honestly count on one hand how many times that I've fallen asleep before him and I'm pretty sure it's only been twice! I'm really envious of him. He's so good at falling asleep, but it takes me a long time to slow down my thoughts and wind down for the night. Together we've been watching a lot of White Collar and Bob's Burgers on Netflix. I'm the crazy Christmas loving type person that watches Christmas movies ALL YEAR long. I know it drives him crazy when I suggest a Christmas movie for us in the middle of spring haha and I don't blame him. I do love them though, but I know they're corny as heck. I'm also really badly wanting to watch Serendipity, but I'm not sure why because it hasn't been that long since we watched that!

Liking spending our weekends exploring! We've been going on some bike rides and going to places we've always wanted to go. I love it!

Wondering when I'm gonna get a baby pug.
(Fred if you're reading this, when am I? ;))

Loving my husband Fred and planning for his upcoming birthday in May. I love surprising him so I'm always excited when his birthday month rolls around!

Hoping for strength and improved health for the next month.

Needing a baby pug.
 If anyone would like to gift me with one, I will gladly accept.

Smelling my current favorite candle right now. I'm loving the Boulangerie candle from Anthropologie in the scent Lavender Shortbread. It smells like fresh baked goods, but it's nice and light. It's a great scent for spring and summer.

Wearing lots of chokers! I'm loving the trend. They were one of my favorite trends of the '90s and I'm so happy they came back. There are so many kinds now too. I have to control myself because I'm always finding new ones that I want haha.

Noticing how much I pick my eyelashes. It is such a BAD habit. Do any of you guys struggle with that? We're trying our hardest to break this habit. Fred has to tell me a trillion times to stop when he sees me doing it. We even play a little game now. The game is if I touch them more than 3 times in one night, I don't get a massage. I always want a massage so this kills me haha. It's really helped me to notice how much I pick at them. If you have any tips, please comment and let me know!

Knowing that this post is crazy long. Dang I've written a lot! If you're still reading, props to you. :D

Thinking about buying a new Bible. I would really like to get a journaling one so I can visually see what I've read as I go along. I want to read the entire Bible this year.

Feeling pretty under the weather. I've had a difficult couple of weeks health-wise. Thank you all for the well wishes. You don't know how much it means to me. <33

Opening my heart center and hip flexors haha. I just finished a yoga routine opening my hip flexors. My hips have been feeling so tight. I think I need to do yoga routines for my hips more often. I think the routines that focus on stretching are my favorite!

Giggling with Fred. I've noticed that we've been laughing even more than usual this month and I love  it. We've been extra goofy and I love that I can be as silly and crazy as I want around him and he doesn't mind... I can actually makes him laugh too. Laughter really is medicine for the soul.
Also, if you love pugs and you're not following Doug the Pug on Facebook YOU NEED TO BE! He's so dang cute and witty haha his pictures are so relatable and crack me every time. Oh and if you're currently in need of a smile watch this video. Fred showed it to me and we laughed so hard.
Oh and one last thing! I love Youtuber Bonnie Hoellein's family vlogs. Her kids are too dang cute. This one made me laugh soo hard. It's called "I miss JESUS". One of her little boys cries and says "My tummy hurts and I miss Jesus".. hahaha so stinkin' adorable and hilarious. If you wanna see the clip, skip to around 12:50 in the video. Now Fred and I say that to each other. It's just too perfect because my stomach hurts so often haha.

I'd love to know your answers to these!
What have you been up to lately?


Christina xx

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It only takes one act of Jesus led love to change someone's life.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Style | 4.20.17 (BEARPAW Gracie Part 1)

Hi friends!

What beautiful weather we've been having! I am loving this sunshine no coat weather. The arrival of spring is such a mood booster. We had a great weekend and I'm so glad that I was able to be out and about the entire weekend soaking up the sun, because I've been in bed the past 4 days! I had a migraine for 48 hours and it kept me awake 2 nights in a row and I've just felt sick since then. I've been so nauseous and sick to my stomach and the headache has stuck around, but thankfully the migraine has subsided. Thank you for all of the well wishes! I still need them. I hope I feel better for the weekend!

Okay guys, I seriously love the new BEARPAW Bearly There collection. The shoes in the collection really are so lightweight and comfy! I have 2 pairs of the Gracie lace-up style and I love them both. These are them in the color Linen. I really like this color because it's so neutral it looks good with a lot of color schemes. I have them in the color Rose as well --- I will be showcasing them on the blog next week! I love the fun, magenta color they are. It's a nice contrast in my shoe wardrobe to these neutral babes! By the way, I'm still pumped about being a Brand Ambassador for them! I love you BEARPAW!

 If you'd like to try a pair from the Bearly There collection or any pair of their shoes for that matter, you can use my special code:
for 15 % off!
(This code expires August 15, 2017 & currently is only valid on US purchases.)

So story time...
While we were shooting these pictures, a friendly cat came up to Fred and I kept rubbing up against our legs. He wouldn't leave us alone it was so funny! Fred thought I said "He looks so dirty" so he kept trying to dodge him while he was taking the pictures and I was confused because Fred usually loves and pets all animals even strays. I found out when we were done that he misheard what I said about the cat. I had said "He looks so furry" not "He looks so dirty" hahaha it was hilarious. He thought the cat had mud on him or something so he didn't want the cat to get on him because we were going places after this shoot.
Happy almost weekend friends!
Are you excited to see this style in Rose?! Which color would you buy?


Christina xx

Gracie Lace-Ups - BEARPAW
Similar Gray Sweater - Forever 21
Black Denim - Forever 21
Flower Choker - Francesca's
Similar Be Brave Pendant - Rue 21
Aviators - Charlotte Russe
Similar Silver Bracelet + Rings Set - Rue 21

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God's promises are greater realities than our problems.
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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Style | 4.19.17

Hi friends!

Happy Wednesday!

You've made it half-way through your week & you're doing great!
Keep it up!

This is the outfit that I wore on Easter Sunday. I really really really LOVE this StyleWe dress. I was speechless when I saw it in person for the first time. The details are just incredible! I'm a fan of floral anything and the flowers on this dress are so detailed and beautiful. It really is the perfect spring dress. Sometimes it's fun to feel really fancy. ;)

How's your week going?


Christina xx

Embroidered Floral Dress - StyleWe
Tan Cami - Charming Charlie
Similar Tan Faux Suede Pumps - ModCloth
Similar Brown Sunglasses - Forever 21
Similar Bird Ring - Forever 21
Similar Gold Design Ring - Charming Charlie
Similar Flower Earrings - Claire's Inc.

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God is a restorer of broken years.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Style | 4.17.17 & Pinner's Conference Atlanta, GA Ticket GIVEAWAY!

Hi friends!

I hope you had a lovely Easter weekend!

I am having a GIVEAWAY on my Instagram + Facebook page! I'm giving away 2 tickets to the Pinners Conference in Atlanta, GA this weekend April 21st & 22nd. The Pinners Conference is for all Pinterest lovers! You can take classes on DIY, crafts, wedding, baby, cooking, photography, party planning, nails, scrapbooking, holiday decor, clothing, jewelry and a lot of other things! It's a great networking event as well! I'm giving away 2 tickets and each ticket will provide a voucher for 2 class passes for the winner and a friend! It's going to be such a good time guys.

To enter:
1. Make sure you're following me on the platform you choose to enter on, Instagram or Facebook
2. Like & comment the "PINNERS CONFERENCE TICKET GIVEAWAY" photo on my Instagram page or my Facebook page (whichever you choose)
3. You can get 1 extra entry by tagging a friend that would like to win!
You can get another extra entry by liking and commenting the picture on both Instagram & Facebook

*The conference is this weekend, so the contest will end Tuesday April 18th at midnight.*

Good luck!

Last weekend Fred and I went out to dinner and to the performance, Cirque de la Symphonie with his family for his mom's birthday. We ate at de|NOVO and the restaurant was gorgeous. I loved the decor and the creme brûlée was the best I'd ever had. It was soo delicious. The Cirque de la Symphonie was such a cool performance to see. I loved getting to see the acts and listen to music, it was nice getting to enjoy both. It was a really good time! That weekend we also got to see some of our good friends that we hadn't seen in awhile. We had them over to our place for a movie night and it was so good to see them and catch up!

I am beyond excited to announce that I'm going to be a Brand Ambassador for BEARPAW Shoes again this year! Yay! BEARPAW is so generous and they have the most adorable shoes. I seriously can't wait to share my favorite styles with you guys! These shoes I'm wearing in this post are the Aracelli style in the color Hickory and I am in love! One of the best things about BEARPAW shoes is how comfortable they are. They are all about feeling comfy while looking stylish!
(Doesn't get any better than that!)

If you've been wanting a pair of BEARPAW shoes, I have a coupon code for 15% off!
This code expires August 15, 2017 & currently, it is only valid on US purchases.

I've been loving embroidered pieces this season and I'd really been wanting a dress like this one! When I saw it on StyleWe, I knew I had to get it. I also love shift dresses for warm weather wear, because they make for an easy, breezy outfit!

 P.S - These adorable little stud earrings and beautiful stone bracelet were in my monthly Rocksbox set!

Use my code:

for 1 free month of Rocksbox for yourself!

I'm excited for another sunny spring week! & I hope yours is off to a great start!


Christina xx

Gold Aviators - Rue 21
Brown Lace-Up Wedges - BEARPAW
Blue Stone Bracelet - Slate | Rocksbox
Gold Leaf Studs - Gorjana | Rocksbox
Dainty Gold Bar Necklace - Charming Charlie
Similar Brown Crossbody Bag - Forever 21

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A cheerful heart is good medicine. 
-Proverbs 17:22

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Home | 4 Fun & Easy Spring Ideas For Your Home!

Hey guys!

If you've been reading my blog for awhile now, I'm sure you know that I really enjoy the seasons and I like to celebrate each one! You don't have to spend a lot of money or put a ton of effort into embracing the season in your home! You can do as little or as much as you want. I know a lot of people that beautifully decorate their house differently for each season. I admire their decorating and it's always so nice to spend time in a home that feels warm and welcoming! However with Fred and I being newly married and in a temporary space, we haven't quite went all out when the seasons change. Instead, we try to focus on a few small things to add to our space.

The ideas below are what we're trying this spring!
I hope you enjoy these fun ideas to make your place a little more spring-y!

What do you do to embrace the season?


Christina xx
1. Try Some Green Products!
I've just recently discovered the brand Live Clean and I'm so glad that I tried their products. They have certified organic plant-based ingredients and they're cruelty free, free of harsh chemicals and they're biodegradable and recyclable. Their mission is one that I'm totally on board with. They have safe and gentle products that help protect your family and the planet. This hand soap is my favorite, it smells like a day at the beach!
2. Light A New Scented Candle!
Scent is one of the main ways that I celebrate the different seasons! For spring it feels so good to light a fresh candle with a nice spring-y scent. I love lavender scents for the warmer months and this candle mixes lavender with a sweet shortbread scent... even better!
3. Get A Planter!
How stinkin' cute is the little planter?! We got this as a wedding gift and it just adds life and joy to our home!
4. Add Fun, Printed Pieces! 
I'm a print person! I like to add poppy prints whenever and wherever I can! But my husband is not as big of a fan as I am! He loves to wear prints but when it comes to our home interiors, he likes more clean, simple and classic pieces. But for spring and summer, we both agree that poppy prints are nice! So if you're like me, take advantage of this season and get your print on!!! If you're like my husband, you can always start small! Just add some fun plates to the dinner table, or get some bright hand towels!

Candle, planter & plates are from Anthropologie

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A light has dawned. 
Isaiah 9:2

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Style | OOTD 4.12.17

 Hi friends!

Hope you like my outfit of the day!


Christina xx

Similar Chiffon Maxi - Lulu's
Similar Gray Knit - Forever 21
Similar Statement Necklace - Forever 21

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Though the mountain may crumble you will not.
Isaiah 54:10

Monday, April 10, 2017

Style | 4.10.17

Hi guys!

Happy Monday!

I hope your week is off to a great start! Remember, this a fresh new day, a fresh new week and the possibility are endless. Keep chasing your dreams and keep working hard!

These gold, layering necklaces were a part of my most recent Rocksbox box and I've been wearing them nonstop! They are such a good staple piece to have in your jewelry collection. If you'd like to try Rocksbox for yourself, use my code:
to get your 1st month totally free! 

I'm so glad the velvet trend is sticking around for spring and summer! I love velvet items so much. They add texture and just overall make a look a lot more fun! I'm also loving kimonos, but I've been on a kimono kick for years now ha ha. But really, I have quite the collection now. I love them because you can throw them over everything and get a boho vibe and they make great swimsuit covers.

P.S- I just wanna thank my husband for taking so many pictures for me and always helping me out. I love you so much Fred! Hopefully you read this post! :p

What's one thing that you're looking forward to this week?!


Christina xx

Gold Stud Layering Necklaces - Slate, Rocksbox
Gold Aviators - Rue 21
Similar Green Tassel Earrings - Charming Charlie
Similar Plum Velvet Tank - Rue 21
Similar Green Fringe Kimono - Charming Charlie
Distressed Denim - Forever 21
Tan Suede Wedges - Forever 21

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