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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Beauty | My Night Time Routine To Look & Feel My Best! + GIVEAWAY!

Hi friends!

I’ve recently been exploring different night time routines and ways to help my mind and body relax before bed. I’ve always had a difficult time falling asleep. My mind often races with the worries and to-do lists of the next day. I’ve found that smoother, more peaceful evenings lead to me feeling my best in the mornings. It’s become a part of my daily routine to give myself some self care time to wind down and refresh. I’ve found it helpful to do a few things in the evening to help me look my best in the morning even sans makeup! I love incorporating teeth whitening into that routine. I’ve been loving using my Smile Brilliant kit to whiten my teeth. The process is only two steps and each session only took me an hour and five minutes. With Smile Brilliant, you can just pop the custom made whitening trays on your teeth and go about your routine!

(Keep on scrollin’ for the GIVEAWAY!)
I love to end my nights with yoga and meditation and/or a little reading and journaling. These activities help me to feel centered, calm and ready for a peaceful night’s sleep. You can wear the whitening trays during your normal, nightly activities and wake up to a brighter smile! It’s funny, I got two compliments on my teeth looking whiter just one day after my first use! I’ve been wanting to whiten my teeth for sometime now, so I was pumped to receive those compliments so soon into it!
The entire process with Smile Brilliant has been so easy and effective! First, I answered a few questions about my dental history and then a few days later I got my Smile Brilliant kit! The kit provided the supplies needed for making the dental impressions and it had fast and easy step-by-step instructions on how to make them! Once the impressions were created, I sent them back to Smile Brilliant in the provided mailing envelope. Once my custom whitening trays were shipped back to me, I started my whitening journey!
The first step is the Whitening Gel which you use for 45 minutes- 3 hours (depending on your sensitivity level). I experimented a bit and found that I liked to whiten mine for 45 minutes. Also, if you experience tooth sensitivity, you can always whiten every other day instead of every day!
The second step, is the Desensitizing Gel which you use for 15-20 minutes. I liked to use it for 20 minutes because I found it very soothing!
A whiter, brighter smile has made helped me face the day with confidence. It’s encouraged me to smile more often too! It’s best to use the two gels in the kit before you go to bed. By whitening before you sleep, you aren’t introducing any new stains to your teeth. I’m an avid coffee drinker so y’all know I better whiten mine at night!
The best part is, I have some exciting news for you guys! I’m teaming up with Smile Brilliant to give away one of their t-3 sensitive kits! Which is valued at $139. The giveaway will run for 1 week, so be sure to enter soon! It's open to USA, UK, Australia, and Canadian residents. The winner will be randomly selected and you must enter your email address in the link to be entered!

Also, they were generous enough to offer a coupon code for my friends! 
You guys can use my code:
for 10% off of whitening trays!

If you have any questions about the process, please let me know! You can also watch the tutorial here! What helps you feel your best in your daily routine?!


Christina xx

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*Thank you Smile Brilliant for my Smile Brilliant kit. This post is in collaboration with Smile Brilliant and all opinions are 100% my own! Thank you for supporting companies that support BG by Christina!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Style | Floral Pants & {Why I Stop & Smell The Roses}

Hi guys!

Today, stop & smell the roses! My mom wrote a beautiful letter for Fred & I for our wedding anniversary this week and needless to say, I balled my eyes out reading it. Fred and I read it together and I got about two sentences in before I made him read the rest of it for us because I was crying too hard. The letter was a compilation of her thoughts leading up to the wedding, complete with last dates from last summer. It was like a glimpse into her journal. She talked about being in different spots of our hometown and remembering our times there together when I was just a girl at a home. Those were such dear memories and it made me very emotional to remember. Time goes by so so fast. I swear it gets quicker and quicker each year as I get older. Take some time today to stop, look around, smile and just enjoy the present moment that you're in. Whether it's one of plenty or want, just remember that this present time is passing and precious. Be thankful today for all that you have. It's so easy to be a teenager living at home, focused on leaving so you can be independent and find new adventure. It's so easy to be always looking to the next stage in life, but we must fight that mentality. Don't let the sweetness of the current moment pass you by.

I'm almost in tears again, so I'm gonna talk about these pants because they make me happy ha ha! I love floral anything and now I have floral pants! These are the only pair of floral pants that I have so they're pretty special to me. These are the softest softest pants, ahh I love them so much. They're so soft you can sleep in them. Honestly, they can be lounge pants or cute pants in my opinion. They're from The Carriage House Boutique and I have a discount code for you guys, use:
bgby10 for 10% off!
They also offer FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders!

I've been wearing my BEARPAW fringe sandals like crazy. You can use my code:
BA171JZQZM for 15% off!

Guys, this necklace came in my latest Rocksbox set and I've gotta say it's one of my favorite pieces I've ever gotten. I've worn it with everything. I feel so BA in it lol. If you haven't tried Rocksbox yet & you want a free set, use code:

Also, these are my latest sunnies! They're from Rosegal. I've been wanting rose gold ones all summer. What do y'all think?


Christina xx

Similar Black Tee - Charlotte Russe
Black Statement Necklace - Rocksbox |Slate
Floral Rose Pants - The Carriage House Boutique
'Avril' Black Fringe Sandals - BEARPAW
Rose Gold Sunnies - Rosegal
Similar Black Velvet Headwrap - Rue 21 

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*I received products from BEARPAW, The Carriage House Boutique & Rosegal and all opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting the companies that sponsor BG by Christina! 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Style | OOTD Boho Print Tank + Denim Shorts!

Hi friends!

Just a quick & casual OOTD for you guys!

I don't know why, but it's so hard to get back on a normal schedule after a vacation! Do you guys feel that way? I've been having so much trouble sleeping through the night. I wake up a couple times throughout the night and sometimes I'll wake up wide awake at like 3 AM unable to fall asleep for a few hours. It stinks so much, because then my entire sleep schedule is disrupted for days.  I'm trying a lot of things, no screen time or caffeine after a certain time of night, lavender oils and diffuser, reading instead of turning on Netflix, light stretching, etc. I haven't found something that has worked 100% for me yet! I was really struggling with this issue through the winter, but it had gotten so much better. So if you have any tips, please let me know!

I hope you all have a great week!

P.S- As always, you can use my code:
BA171JZQZM for 15% off at BEARPAW!


Christina xx

Similar Boho Print Tank - Rue 21
Light Denim Shorts - H&M
Similar Feather Choker - Charming Charlie
Naomi Braided Sandals - BEARPAW

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* I received these sandals from BEARPAW. Thank you BEARPAW! Thank you for supporting companies that support BG by Christina!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Wedding | Our Theatre Venue + Tips On Picking The Perfect Venue

Hi friends!

Today, I wanted to share a little information with you guys about Fred and I's wedding venue. I get asked a lot of questions about our wedding and that's why I'm so excited to start a wedding series!

Our reception venue was definitely one of the most memorable things about our wedding for me (among the physical, exterior parts of the wedding). We knew the minute we walked into the theatre that is was the venue of our dreams. The space just felt magical. It was warm, charming and inviting and we knew it would be big enough to hold all of our guests! 

We had our reception at The Columbus Athenaeum in the Large Theatre (Columbus, Ohio). The ladies that showed us around the space and worked with us throughout the whole process were super sweet! Fred and I went to tour the venue in the fall and they had the most delicious pumpkin cookies and coffee for us. Couldn't think of a better way to woo the two of us! ;) It was a really fun venue. We got have our head table for our wedding party on the stage. That was a really unique feature that we liked. That way our guests could always see us and we could look out and see all of our loved ones. We also thought the box seat was gorgeous. It was a cute way to be introduced! I was apprehensive about that introduction at first though because we had to climb some steep stairs to get up there and I knew I would bust it in my heels ha ha. That's why I'm barefoot and Fred is holding my shoes in our box seat photo. He had promised he would carry them to get me to do it!

Just keep on scrollin' to read my best tips for picking the perfect venue!

Tips for picking the perfect venue:

1. The space is sentimental or holds a special meaning to the two of you.
We had our ceremony at our church so that space held special 
meaning for us. We decided to pick a new space for our reception to make it special to us in the future! When you're deciding on a venue, think about the places that are special to you two as a couple. You might want to pick a meaningful space for your ceremony or reception or both! 

2. It fits the wedding theme or vibe that you want.
Both Fred and I really loved the idea of having a '20s theme mixed with our more eclectic styles. A glittering gold theatre fit that glitzy, Gatsby '20s theme perfectly. We loved the glamour of the space  and I loved adding trees + greenery + twinkle lights where I could! When you're looking at venues, look into spaces that have the vibes that you're going for. We wanted to create a magical, memorable, out of the ordinary night for our guests and our venue exceeded our hopes for that!

Consider a Theatre wedding/reception! I would suggest it to anyone because it's really romantic and makes for such a fun night for you & your guests!

3. It's in your price range or budget.
Our venue and catering for our guests were our two greatest expenses! We decided to spend more there and save in other areas. The venue had a million options for decorations and table settings, etc. but we scaled all of the extras back and kept it simple so that we could spend on the actual venue! That's what was important to us. Every couple has different priorities so remember what's important to you and what you want to spend your budget money on. 

If you're considering a theatre wedding because you love the vibe but you think the costs will be too expensive for your price range, look into outside amphitheaters! Even though they're outside, they still have a theatre look and they might be a bit cheaper!  

4. It's the right size for your guests.
Size is definitely an important factor when choosing the right venue. A lot of venues have maximum people counts. Make sure you look into how many guests are allowed and make sure that aligns with how many you're expecting. 

5. It has rules/practices that you're okay with & accommodations that you want!
A lot of venues have certain rules and guidelines that you have to follow if you have your event in their space. For example, some people won't let you cater from the outside, some won't let you bring your own decorations, etc. Some places can be very strict and picky with the way things are done. Make sure you get your questions answered before you're locked in so you know what you're getting!

What's your dream venue?!


Christina xx

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*Photos by Kylie Noelle Photography 
(The close up photo of the head table setup is by Steve Dawes Photograpy)

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Beauty | 4 Steps To The Perfect Bubble Bath

Hi guys!

Most of you probably already know that I really love bath time! Bubble baths are my favorite and I love winding down after a long day. I thought I'd share the 4 steps that I take to create the perfect bath!
1. Me-time
For me, the perfect bath starts when I know I have time to wind down and soak. It won't be relaxing if it's hurried or interrupted, so I like to be wise when choosing when to take one.
2. My favorite products
When I take a bubble bath, I like the products I use to have a calming scent. The bubble bath or body wash has to create a lot of bubbles and it's a huge plus when the products are organic! This summer, I've fallen for this Live Clean line! The Fresh Water scent is very light and perfect for summertime baths. The body wash doubles as bubble bath! I'm so impressed by how many bubbles it creates!
3. A scented candle
Fragrance plays a big part in a great bubble bath experience. Calming, spa fragrances always relax my mind and body.
4. The book I'm reading
I like to read a book, or a magazine, or have some music playing during! I find that having something to keep my mind occupied gives me a chance to relax even better. If there's too much silence or downtime, my mind wanders and I'll start making a mental to-do list or something! Anyone else?!
Are you a bubble bath babe?


Christina xx

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*Thank you Live Clean! I received these hair & body care products from Live Clean.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Style | 7.14.17

Hi friends!

I've been at the beach on vacation with Fred's family!

Disclaimer: This was not our beach house, but when you see a pink wall you gotta take advantage of it! ha ha

 I LOVE all of the pastel houses that you find close to a beach. They're so pretty to look at it and they make for a great background! I wish I knew of more colorful spots back home!

This kimono is so special to me, because Fred brought it back for me from Japan. It's such a gorgeous print and color. It's funny to see how different sizing can be in different countries. He got both of us socks and everything runs pretty small! I usually have small feet, but even my socks are tight on me!

I'm currently obsessed with this necklace. I picked it up on our vacation and it's from Francesca's! I typically like to pick up a jewelry piece from a more native spot to the area that I'm in, but this one caught my eye! I bought it instead of another souvenir piece.

It's so nice to just get a week away from normal life and responsibilities, ya feel me? Our house and location was really beautiful and I was just the happiest to have Fred with me again!

Do you guys have any trips planned this summer?


Christina xx

Similar Lace Romper - Rue 21
Similar Print Kimono - from Japan from Fred <3 
Beaded Necklace - Francesca's
Similar Gold Aviators - Rue 21
Similar Faux Suede Wedges - Forever 21

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Beauty | My Summer Skincare Routine With AcneFree + How To Create Body Confidence!

This post has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and AcneFree. All opinions are mine alone. #Ad #AcneFreeSummer #CollectiveBias 
Hi friends!

Summer is finally here! Summer is the most crucial season for having body confidence and feeling beautiful in your skin. It's the season for vacations, soaking up the sun and hanging out with friends. The warm temperatures call for shorts and swimsuits making it especially important to feel confident! For me, it's been a long journey to body confidence and I don't think it's ever a permanent destination. Instead, I see it as something that needs to be practiced often!

Here are 5 tips to help you create your own body confidence this summer:

1. Take care of your body, inside and out.
Eating healthier and exercising to gain strength and endurance will help you feel confident for every summer activity!

2. Don't obsess over your perceived flaws.
Live in the present moment and enjoy the time you're spending with friends and family. Don't obsess on negative thoughts, just let them come and go.

3. Don't compare yourself to others.
This one might be the most difficult for me! It's very easy to look around at others in their bikinis and  wonder if you add up. However, comparison only creates negative thoughts towards yourself and others.

4. Work to develop an inner voice that celebrates all unique beauty.
Challenge yourself to appreciate all of the unique beauty that's around you, including your own!

5. Make time for self-care in your daily routine.
Creating a self-care routine that helps you look and feel your best is incredibly important! My skin has looked so much clearer since I've made time in my daily routine to care for it. Taking care of my skin has made me feel more confident. I go bare-faced quite often in warmer months and it's so nice not having to worry about breakouts!
I've found the AcneFree line to be the perfect addition to my skincare routine. It fits my budget and I buy the products at Walmart and on! They've been great for caring for my acne- prone skin. 

 I don't like any of my beauty routines to be too lengthy. With the AcneFree Sensitive Skin 24 Hour Acne Clearing System and the AcneFree Maximum Strength Terminator 10 that I use, my summer skincare routine is only 4 steps!
Step 1: Cleanse
The AcneFree Corrective Acne Cleanser deep-cleans and removes pore clogging-oil and impurities. It fights acne with Salicylic Acid (1.5%) and it soothes with botanical extracts. It's gentle enough to use twice a day!
Step 2: Tone
The AcneFree Alcohol-Free Acne Toner removes dead skin cells with natural fruit extracts. It helps to calm and balance skin tone. It has an anti-redness formula that's gentle enough for sensitive skin. I use this twice a day after I cleanse. 
Step 3: Hydrate
I hydrate with the AcneFree Hydrating Acne Repair Lotion + Spot Treatment. This lotion provides 24 hour continuous breakout control. I use it twice a day after I tone. It contains Micro-Benzoyl Peroxide to help eliminate acne bacteria.  
Step 4: Spot Treat
I use the AcneFree Maximum Strength Terminator 10 to spot treat my acne. It contains micro-sized benzoyl peroxide that works fast to deeply penetrate pores. It also contains a redness control formula featuring Chamomile, Ginger and Sea Whip Extracts to soothe and reduce redness and irritation!
One of my favorite things about this line is how well it works on body acne. You can use all 4 of the products on your chest and back. Sometimes I get bacne so I do the 4 steps to fight breakouts there as well. I love to throw the AcneFree Hydrating Acne Repair Lotion and the AcneFree Maximum Strength Terminator 10 in my bag for long days at the beach!

 You can check out more AcneFree summer inspiration here
Are you looking for an effective, easy-to-follow skincare routine this summer? 
Be sure to try out the AcneFree line for yourself!

Christina xx

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